Sleep Pattern - December 2015

Foam earplugs, galvanised steel mesh

Plotting my sleep pattern using data extracted from a wearable device.

Data was captured between the hours of 10pm and 10am for the month of December and broken down into 5 minute intervals. Each 5-minute interval is depicted using a disposable foam earplug which are often used to block out noise when sleeping.

Pink earplugs represent periods when I am awake, green show periods of light sleep and blue deep sleep. Each row represents one night of sleep.

The gaps within the work have been deliberately left blank to show periods where no data is available.  These gaps act as a visual punctuation as well as referencing the imperfections present in both humans and technology.  Human error on my part in forgetting to upload the data more frequently, and limited storage space on the device.

Earplugs donated by Uvex and Swedsafe.